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2022.01.25 13:26 Kf5708 Largest ever fish colony hosts 100 billion eggs under Antarctic ice

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2022.01.25 13:26 chess415 One of my favorite scenes in the manga!

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2022.01.25 13:26 vteja262 Shinobu from demonslayer, me, watercolor, 2021

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2022.01.25 13:26 MWMN19 Antemurale Solaris

The Golden Age
The Axial Age
Those are only two of the many names given to that era of human prosperity nearly 100,000 years ago. Many of the wonders and achievements had been forgotten, some had been uncovered not too long ago. Yet, still the historical record is choppy as to why the collapse happened in the first place.
All we do know is that mankind was an unrivaled military, economic and technological power in the galaxy. A veritable juggernaut that seemed to be absolutely unstoppable.
Yet, as all things do, It came to an abrupt end. Some say that It was from within, some say some outside force managed to get by our many defenses and destroy us, turning us back to the pre-industrial era.
But whatever It was, we managed to bounce back. Though It took millennia, we finally reached the stars again and met our brethren in the spaces between our worlds.
Though we are not united as we once were, wars for territory and resources are still waged amongst ourselves. But there is one thing we can all agree on.
Do not touch the Great Artifacts, those great constructs that were left by our ancestors.
We are all united in the mission to find out what happened, to retrieve the technology and wisdom lost, to return to the glory days.
Earth Itself had been resettled, there had been survivors of the collapse, but their numbers were small. Though the natives of Earth managed to remember much more than us "colonials".
The Sol system, our home system, had been hit the hardest. The entire system is filled with wrecks to this day, even though there had been titanic cleanup projects, they only seem to barely dent the total amount of things floating around in the system. It will take generations to clean up the mess.
We also have to find out what the junk is, and what objects are of historical significance so we don't damage It.
I was personally part of one of the cleanup projects. I was born in Alpha Centauri, the system nearest to Sol. I have seen Earth and the graveyard that is the entirety of the Sol system over screens, I have learned the numbers and the facts that we know of so far in school. But I had never laid my eyes on our homeworld. I have never seen the light of our Sun.
But that day nearly 20 years ago, changed all of that.
I was chosen to be one of the leaders of the "Sol Clean Up Project" also known as SCUP. With that, I was to survey the system and try to find any locations of great importance, where to focus our efforts, what must be left alone and what areas are clean of any debris.
"Mr. Halafax?" I heard a muffled voice on the other side of the door followed by a knock. Great timing, I just woke up.
"Y-yes? That's me, hold on I'm getting dressed."
"Alright, once you're done join me on the deck."
The voice was none other than of the young assistant August, his name was unusual for me, though It was expected, he was a native of Earth.
I got dressed and pressed and I entered the code in a panel next to the door, prompting It to open.
"Good morning." I said as to August as he looked up at me, another major difference between the natives of Earth and my people. The gravity on Earth is much stronger than that of my home planet in Alpha Centauri. August was said to be quite tall for an Earth native, "towering" at 198 centimeters.
For us, that is bordering on dwarfism. I was average at 267 centimeters. I had to hunch down as to not hit my head against the top of the doorway.
"Okay, lead the way." I said as August nodded and started walking, me following suit.
"Mr. Halafax, I should tell you that the scale of what you'll see now is much bigger than on the screens. Though I know they are quite photorealistic, they can't beat the real thing." August said, shifting his gaze toward me every once in a while as we walked.
"And that is?" I said curiously.
"Well, the gateway to Sol. The 'Antermurale Solaris'" August said with a smirk on his face.
Of course, I've heard of Antemurale Solaris, It was a name in an archaic language. I believe It is called "Latin". It was the official language of one of the Ancient Empires on Earth. But since Its collapse It managed to stick around.
"Okay, we're here." August said as he stopped next to a large door, he typed in a code in the panel next to It. Then It opened.
"Bulwark of Sol", "The Shield of Terra", "The Titan" were all names given to this massive construction on the edge of the system. Hell, massive would be an understatement. It was titanic.
As the door opened and I gazed through the large panoramic view of the main deck, I swear my jaw touched the floor for a moment. August was right, the real thing was completely different.
I was bathed in the faint light of the sun only flowing through the cracks of the behemoth in front of us. It looked like a wall of metal that stretched as far as the eyes can see at all directions. Ships were entering and exiting the large structure non-stop. I could even see one of the Titan Class Transport ships, which I thought were probably the peak of human engineering at that scale, to be merely a dot against this... this thing. Barely visible dots.
"One fun fact Mr. Halafax, this piece of mega engineering has Its own gravitational pull. Scientists are still arguing whether this is labeled a station or an artificial planet. It does have a surface area that is 2/3 of Luna, Earth's moon. And that is on the outside, inside... Well, we didn't measure the entire thing. Exploration parties still have their hands full, there seemed to be some kind of system that would transport you from one side of the thing to the other in minutes. It sounds absolutely impossible, but It was there. But It is offline now, and God knows when we're going to be able to make such a fast way of travel in this thing... Good thing our ancestors still used stairs and hallways..." August said, not averting his gaze from the thing.
"Wasn't this just a station... a trading hub? How much traffic did this thing take in?" I said in utter bewilderment.
"Well... A lot. The Human population back then was a few thousand times larger than today, reaching into the high trillions. And Sol was the center of everything... You can guess how much traffic there was. It was not the only one, there had been 6 in total. But the other 5 were destroyed somehow." August said as if reciting the same words he said a thousand times before.
"How can someone destroy one of these?! Let alone 5?!" I said
"We don't know. The weapons on this thing are something else as well, one of the railguns work with some kind of gravitational accelerator. Thankfully the mechanism is quite simple actually... Though the precision engineering in It is... Well let's just say that we still don't possess the tech to make atomically precise measurements, then align the atoms for absolute perfection. We made a smaller version of the railgun and It's powerful, but not nearly as the real thing..." August said.
"How strong is It?"
"It's a planet killer, probably. It turned a decommissioned dreadnought into dust before we could even blink. And there are probably thousands of these things alongside other weapons on the Antemurale."
I was silent, I could only imagine the power of this massive construct when It was fully manned and in full operation. Our ship slowly neared the massive station ready to dock.
Then I saw one thing engraved into the body of the station.
"Is that graffiti?" I asked pointing to some faded text and a symbol of a round star.
"Oh, no. That's always been there. Let me see..." August got closer to the window as he looked at what the text said, It took him a few moments, our ship had to get closer so he can get a better look.
"Per Aspera... Ad Astra... Per Ardua Ad Astra and...Viribus Unitis, Semper Fidelis." He said in a language I couldn't understand. The script seemed familiar but It was hard to read.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
August quickly replied, seemingly being fluent in whatever language that was.
"Through hardships to the stars. Through adversity to the stars. With United Forces. Forever Loyal. The language is Latin, as is the given name of the station." August said.
"What is with the sun symbol?" I asked.
"That is an ancient symbol for Sol Invictus, in translation It means the 'Unconquered Sun'."
"Though I must also add that Latin wasn't used as the official language back in those days, well at least we think. It was a dead language even then. But It had some sort of major significance, connection to religion and some Empire that was present way before we even ventured off the planet." August said.
"Damn, we're going into pre-history at this point." I said
August simply nodded as we docked into the station. The massive doors opened up to let us in, they looked to be designed to take in much, much large vessels. But those titans that roamed the void are long gone now.
Once we docked and disembarked August led me to my room for the day.
"Alright, I know everything is a bit small but we can't really enlarge the doorways. I believe you can sit in the shower so there's that. If you need anything call me up... Oh, and tomorrow we'll give you a debriefing on the state of the first 10 sectors of the system. Get some rest tomorrow is going to be a long day." August told me as he turned and left.
"Hey! Wait a moment!" I shouted, August turned around.
"Yes?" he said
"Is there any possibility for me to go on Earth itself? I've always dreamed of going there." I said with a pleading look in my eyes, It just crossed my mind and I wouldn't let the opportunity to visit the homeworld of our species go to waste.
"It can be arranged, sure. I'll see what I can do, though you'll need an exoskeleton unless you want to crawl down there." August said, giving me a thumbs-up before leaving.
I laid down on my bed, looking at the ceiling of this room that was more ancient than the monuments back home. More ancient than even the history of Alpha Centauri, and we have a long and rich history. The scale of the things that came before us is simply too much to even comprehend. Our entire history is riddled with holes and dead ends, mysteries that will probably never be solved.
I look out the window of my room and gaze out into the void, I press a button on the window, and the screen changes to a live view of the solar system. The light of the sun bathes me as I look out and see the ocean of junk and ancient vessels that are beyond repair. And in that sea of garbage, I see a pale blue dot, the home of those who propelled us into the void. The home of our ancestors. Our home.
I look to the left and see another dot, Mars if I recall correctly, allegedly our first major colonial project. It is called the "Red Planet" even though It is as blue as Earth, It is just yet another testament of humanity was capable of... Is capable of.
I put my hand behind my back and straightened my back.
The words in that ancient tongue repeated in my head.
'Per Aspera Ad Astra, Per Ardua Ad Astra...'
'Viribus Unitis, Semper Fidelis...'
I gazed upon the ancient star that is the Unconquered Sun, standing in the confines of the great Bulwark of Sol, the Bulwark of Mankind.
I put aside the mysteries of the past, for I believe that humanity had seen setbacks before, and this is just one of them.
"Then... Let the reconstruction begin."
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2022.01.25 13:26 Critical-Toe-8958 Early pregnancy vaginal bleeding with dull cramps

Hey, just looking for support and encouragement. First pregnancy here- only 4w3d. I started experiencing dull cramping Sunday morning and went to the bathroom when I noticed a small amount of darker red discharge. Freaked me out. Through morning, it was very light. Called OB- stat labs showed HCG of 466.4; will have repeat labs Wednesday AM to ensure doubling. They also said as long as I’m not saturating a pad (amount of mensuration bleeding), then I should be “fine”. The discharge turned brown and tapered off but today slightly ramped up and only noticeable on toilet tissue.
Just curious is anyone experienced this early on. I feel alone and scared. Waiting sucks. Why can’t this just be an easy introduction to pregnancy? Such a mind fck.
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2022.01.25 13:26 ButtMilk1337 Hamza is the new Jihoon and Memphis is the new Deavan.

I will not be elaborating
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2022.01.25 13:26 EndlessEmpires Crypto Market Crash

So I understand the concept of the crash and why it happening. This could be a moment where big investors or companys make a splash and invest. With the lower prices these people could make an investment for the future. Not many people are thinking about investing right now but the time is now. With prices low we can make investments for the future.
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2022.01.25 13:26 Fordy_15 Car rentals?

Hi everyone, I just am wondering if you are able to rent a car while in Cuba? Preferably a Classic. Do I negotiate a deal with a taxi driver or is there a service for rentals? I am planning on a Havana - Trinidad trip. Thank you!
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2022.01.25 13:26 HassanainMahdi More snow in Toronto after a snowstorm last week ❄️ Poor Civic 😞

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2022.01.25 13:26 BaptizedInBlood666 New Cab Day! Anyone know when Marshall started using the "A/BV" designation for vintage 30 cabs? Just got this "1960B" cab and using Celestion's stamp dated the cab/V30s as being from 14/6/1991. It sounds AMAZING, much smoother trebles than my '99 BV. Are they original?

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2022.01.25 13:26 Technical-Ad5003 Iron Garden Bench DIY

Does anyone have an extra iron garden bench diy that they would be willing to trade /sell? Thank you! :)
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2022.01.25 13:26 Jakesredditacount Si je voyage à l'intérieur de l'Union européenne, ai-je besoin de documents ou de tests covid ?

J'aimerais voyager en Slovénie et j'ai besoin de savoir quelles règles je dois suivre pour entrer et sortir de France. Merci.
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2022.01.25 13:26 rhodynative My trigger finger isn’t sighted in

Hello all, was just wondering if anyone else has experienced pulling to the right with every gun. Pistols or rifles, I pull to the right just a little bit. What’s going on?
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2022.01.25 13:26 pm_your_masterpiece Heading to Secrets the Vine Next Week- First Time in Cancun - I know it's in Orange Level but what's a really exceptional evening thing we can do for our special occasion? Any really great dinner spots with dancing?

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2022.01.25 13:26 ConsiderationNo5059 Positive/average experiences? - Considering copper coil

Hi all,
I'm weighing up getting the copper coil and looking to hear of people's experiences (ideally beyond insertion). I've been on HBC for over 8 years and very much want to go hormone free and let my body settle - however in a committed relationship so I want the security of reliable contraception. Had 2 x Skyla/Jaydess for three years each, and had 0 issues until the 5th year - irregular bleeding etc. Changed to kyleena this year so I'd have five years protection and thinking the slightly higher hormone dose night solved the issues I'd been having with kyleena. Anyway, it's been nearly 5 months and I just don't feel right - random bleeding, pms symptoms x10 (which I never used to have), even ended up in the ER due to cramping/bleeding which my doc thought could have been an ectopic but thankfully wasn't.
Drawn to the copper coil as there's no hormones and no major side effects from what I've read bar heavier periods - anyone have a good experience with it or recommend?
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