2021.12.06 15:29 MRCHEEZETACO ✌️💪

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2021.12.06 15:29 PEACHTEA007 Trigger warning: my friends are self harming, how can I help them?

Recently, I've been seeing scars and fresh wounds all over my friends bodies when we get dressed for pe, they seem to acknowledge that it's an unhealthy coping mechanism, but their families aren't very supportive and they can't get help. I don't know what I could say without worsening the situation, and I don't think I could report it to their guardians or any of our teachers without putting them at risk. Please note that my friends and I are only 14, so there's a limit to the services we can access. They've also overdosed on a few occasions, and passed it off as sickness, so I'm concerned as to whether or not these suicidal thoughts could really kill them. Both of them also have eating disorders, and I'm not sure if some of the things I say are potential triggers. I'm not the best friend in the world, and I'm not good with words. I feel I could pull them into an even darker place than they're already in. Any advice from others who have been in my situation before would be appreciated. As of right now, I'm just staying silent and trying to be the best support I can to them, without breaching the topic. Is what I'm doing right? ( my friend group consists of many different gender identities, so I'm not sure how to specify ) ( this post is made in reference to two of my friends, both 14, amongst a group of 5 )
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2021.12.06 15:29 frailstateofmind_ fifa points unavailable?

been like this for a few days… wanna use my microsoft rewards to get some
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2021.12.06 15:29 DarkCharizard81 I lost count of how many accounts the 01 person deleted

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2021.12.06 15:29 sfiksen funki kong

Sometimes I have this dream where the entire donkey kong cast, save funky kong, is standing around me in the relative darkness, with only the flickering candle-ling illuminating the solemn expression on their faces as they raise the torch. The moment before they set me on fire I realize that I am funky kong, and I am nailed to a cross. I try to jump through the wall to escape, but I never can and I'm stuck there burning alive until I wake up.
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2021.12.06 15:29 IsabelleDruant WOW! This was my first time doing FAUX LOCS.

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2021.12.06 15:29 BrandonBNPC I made some wrestling attire based off of Aoi Asahina. Hope y'all like it!

I made some wrestling attire based off of Aoi Asahina. Hope y'all like it! submitted by BrandonBNPC to danganronpa [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 15:29 xthelord2 this meta needs to go ASAP because it is turbo unhealthy and eventually people will be fed up of it and quit faster than they started playing it which happened last chapter and we saw the aftermath of it and how bad can it get and why we keep away from trying to drastically changing meta

i don't even know how to start this since i was a victim of multiple MK7 and SMG spray fights where i fought 3 with a snap on pump shotgun which did 0 damage,reload took longer than my childhood and i could not even keep up when people keep hiding in bushes or jumping in from air stirring shit being hit for 100 by me than leaving
like were right now in new chapter craze and this will die out sooner than people think since at the end pump AR was bread and butter due to them working well with a good reason and it was that we found them best to push that skill ceiling enevolpe further which sadly was the case and all other guns besides combat shotgun and TAC AR which were actually a good concept and could help shape up meta because with them we could have a proper rock paper scissors ecosystem
it could be easy epic to remove epic and legendary tiers from the game and keep the guns as they are because honestly low tiers were really both balanced and usable and only things which were not balanced were those upper tiers
why did you release new things? just to stab your loyal comp and slightly advanced players for the sake of something which you will anyways not gain on average whem majority of content creators only chime in for "craze" while those will jump ship when content goes dry??
hope people consider that comp players too want to have fun but they have fun when things are balanced and currently too much spray and pray deters many away including me

we were all casuals at one point too but we played in times where we had 98 headshot AR which today would be a outrage and a civil war

so put your pitchforks down and realize spray and pray is bad where all shotgun is also bad and we need a healthy middle
so for that vaulting epic and legy tiers would be great start honestly and bringing back ch2 s8 guns ranging from grey-blue would be the best because they did decent damage and actually rewarded aim so your bob the builder's bastard child called lil' timmy cannot just keep trying to clip you if they whiff a shot
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2021.12.06 15:29 NewsElfForEnterprise Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Hedge Funds Are Snapping Up

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2021.12.06 15:29 coinmonks CryptoRevolution #15

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2021.12.06 15:29 KaraTiele Seljuk Turks in Anatolia 13th century AD. 1-) Seljuk Archer. 2-) Seljuk Warrior. 3-) Cuman/Kipchak Warrior.

Seljuk Turks in Anatolia 13th century AD. 1-) Seljuk Archer. 2-) Seljuk Warrior. 3-) Cuman/Kipchak Warrior. submitted by KaraTiele to Tiele [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 15:29 KAAAAAAAAARL Well that game was Balanced... 3 bgs, and a doc, vs 4 evils...

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2021.12.06 15:29 Afz_rash Client is so good, doesn’t even let you load into the game anymore

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2021.12.06 15:29 RTM_CHUYSAITO Tunnels digged by ants

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2021.12.06 15:29 iheartblank85 I'm that nerd 😅 (HHP ending)

I went to every facility and invited the working villagers to come and dance at the beach. Especially since my favorite villager is the teacher, I wanted to dance with her!
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2021.12.06 15:29 koborfotonok 3.. 2.. 1.. Launch! 🚀

After 1,5 years and ~2000 hours of development, The Savior From Above is now officially released. It is free to play on Steam!
Thank you for being a part of this journey! Your support meant a lot to me, especially in the toughest days of development.
I really hope that you will find as much joy playing the game as I did creating it.
As I have zero budget for marketing, I'd like to ask again for your support. Please help me sharing the game with as many players as possible. Thank you!
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2021.12.06 15:29 spurs777_ Who are some players that would fit perfectly with our team? (Not including all stars)

Don't worry about the contract matching or if it is a reasonable target. I'm just curious what players you think would fit like a glove with our current roster. Don't name any players with previous all-star appearances as that would be too easy.
Couple of names that come to mind are Jerami Grant, Christian Wood, and Mikal Bridges.
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2021.12.06 15:29 twixing Which Doctor appointments are important enough for my partner to come with me to?

He came with me for my first 8 week visit. But he works a full time job and had to use a sick day in order to come. He wants to be at all of them, but it's not feasible for him to take off work every time. So far I have NIPT and anatomy scan scheduled. I also have a visit with my midwife every 4 weeks. Which visits should he accompany me? TIA 💖
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2021.12.06 15:29 Traditional_Good5556 She most definitely wrote this with her left hand.

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2021.12.06 15:29 doomtownpunx Michigan 1

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2021.12.06 15:29 adm198 محمد صلاح افضل لاعب في استغلال سرعته 🚀 صناعة فرص من لا شيء🚀

محمد صلاح افضل لاعب في استغلال سرعته 🚀 صناعة فرص من لا شيء🚀 submitted by adm198 to Algeria_news48 [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 15:29 urmomstoaster Cornell SLS for the ADA?

Hey all! I'm an incoming transfer student at y'all's neighboring IC and was wondering which, if any, law clinic/practicum pertains to cases with the ADA? I'm a physically disabled student, and I understand that IC has had issues with ADA violations before, so I would like to have a plan if it unfortunately goes as far as requiring legal action. Thanks y'all so much :)
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2021.12.06 15:29 JustToxicFox Did the stat squish effect anything

I was running stone vigil lvl 41 (its a great time to lvl tanks BTW) and was told I couldn't pull as much because healers cant keep up with damage due to the stat changes. I of course slowed down, but I wanted to know if this is actually the case.
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2021.12.06 15:29 Dr_Zol_Epstein_III An Accurate Depiction Of Parenting...

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2021.12.06 15:29 triggernaut Biden Admin Waives Sanctions on Iran as Nuclear Talks Restart

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