Showing a subtotal in the title

2021.12.06 14:39 ampanmdagaba Showing a subtotal in the title

Hi Tableau users! I have a problem that seems easy, and logical, and there are similar questions on Tableau forums online, but neither is exactly what I need, and no solution I tried to hack around seems to work. Can you please help me?
I have a chart that I use to filter everything on a dashboard. A user may select a bunch of points, either nearby points (with a drag-and-drop), or a bunch of separate points (with control-clicking), and the rest of the dashboard shows various summary stats for these points. I want to also show one numerical summary in one of the titles (say, total revenue). And somehow I cannot make it work.
One would think that including should work, but famously instead of giving a total it gives a range (as it preserves the granularity of the plot). If you try to edit the formula inside the <>, it doesn't work, as it seems to be a sort of a very limited macro-like notation, not a proper formula. (Say, one cannot replace SUM with AVG there - it stops working).
All manuals say that one needs to create a calculated field, and make sure the value of the field is the same for every point using LOD. Indeed, I can do it for a gross total. But I cannot create a total that responds to filtering. Say, if I create a calculated field with FIXED: SUM([Money]), or even just EXCLUDE [Name]: SUM([Money]), it works of course, but then once I filter by Name, the value stays the same. It seems that I need to somehow ignore Name within selection, but still respect the selection, and I cannot find a way to do it.
What do you think? Is there a way to produce a calculation like that? To sum over a dimension, but still respect filtering over this dimention, and then output the result in a dynamic title?
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2021.12.06 14:39 centro- Is it possible to replace this part of the monitor? It takes a ton of space on my desk/is very bulky and worst of all my mouse catches on it all the time

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2021.12.06 14:39 Fit_Honeydew_4671 Why does this empire that is of the same species as my empire treats me like a xeno ? (and so Sorry for my english)

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2021.12.06 14:39 aanbarr Obligatory military service for foreign with dual citizenship?

Hi folks! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! I'm competing 30 next year and also expecting to receive my Finnish citizenship by juhannus. I was told that I'll probably be "invited" to serve the military. How does it work? Any chance I'll not take part in a call-up? Obs: my original citizenship os not European and I've never served in my country of origin (in case thar matters)
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2021.12.06 14:39 Ridagstran Focus Mode Changing ‘Calls From’?

Three times over the course of two months, I’ve found the setting to allow calls from everyone changed itself to calls from contacts only. It’s irritating because I’m missing calls that I need to be taking. Anyone else experiencing this?
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2021.12.06 14:39 SweetTeaGardenz Wish me luck on my final, cuties

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2021.12.06 14:39 Ultimate_Shoe_Man So my friends found my reddit account

This sucks lmao. I showed them a subreddit i run (cough cough fuckarchitects ) without thinking that they could see me as a moderator.
If any of you see this by some miracle, hi kay, dylan, hayden or neel. Stop stalking me.
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2021.12.06 14:39 Slyger_Woods Slyger_Woods Pre-CFP Mock Draft

It's bowl season in the college football world, which means the players have put just about as much tape out there as they possibly can. Once that happens it kickstarts my favorite time of the year - mock draft season. Mock drafting against yourself isn't the most accurate way to get an understanding of the consensus so this is going to be much more representative of what I think of these players and not as much what the whole community does. I think doing a mock with some of the regulars of this sub and having a bit more in depth explanation for each pick is something that the community may be able to benefit from. If that's something the people here think sounds like a good idea then it's something I would be happy to set up - but for now let's get into me vs me. I hope I win.
1.01 Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas Something I not-so-subtly hinted at in my Meet the WRs post, Treylon Burks sits atop this class as my 1.01. If I find myself here in any of my leagues (which seems likely in a few) then I want Burks because I want someone with the potential to carry me. The other QBs don't project to have overall QB1 upside, and there is no Jonathan TayloEzekiel Elliot level RB prospect. I think the player with the best balance of safety as a prospect and ability to finish the season higher than the rest lies with Treylon Burks. He's my pick and I feel great about it.
I haven't seen a draft with a more wide open 1.01, so if you want your pick of your favorite QB, be it Corral, Howell, Pickett, etc. then go for it. If you want Breece or Spiller, I won't fault you there either. I want Burks.
1.02 Breece Hall, RB, Iowa State This is essentially the same argument I just laid out for Burks, I just think if Burks was to land in say New England or LA (and the Chargers decide to move on from Mike Williams) then that would edge out Breece if he were to land in Seattle or Buffalo. Breece certainly has RB1 potential and could even be a perennial top 5-8 running back in the right spot. He has displayed great hands and could prove to be a major PPR threat.
1.03 Sam Howell, QB, North Carolina Howell offers the most upside of anyone in this QB class in my eyes and so he is my first QB off the board at this point. There's still questions around the draft capital he might receive, as there is with every QB in this class besides Corral at this point, but if he goes in the middling picks to an Atlanta or Denver type of team then I would be in love. He's got a strong arm and runs like a mad man. If he is the second or third QB taken in the draft then he could represent real value in your leagues.
1.04 Garret Wilson, WR, Ohio State Wilson is a very safe pick in this spot for me. Someone with enough talent and understanding of the game to slot right in to any scheme and make an impact from day 1. I think letting Wilson fall anywhere past here come draft day would be a mistake, even if he somehow slips in real life to the Lions second pick in the 20s.
1.05 Isaiah Spiller, RB, Texas A&M Though I may have seemed a little down on Spiller in my Meet the RBs post he is still a very solid RB prospect that I expect to receive early day 2 capital. I have noticed more and more people starting to sour on Spiller. This article from Brentley Weissman for The Draft Network explains it better than I can. If Spiller really does slip come draft day, take full advantage.
1.06 Matt Corral, QB, Ole Miss This is low for Corral, I understand. He seems to be the consensus number one overall pick in rookie drafts. I just feel more comfortable and have more belief that the players listed above will help my fantasy team in the long run.
This is the consensus QB1 vs the consensus WR1 going back 7 years,
2020 - Joe Burrow, CeeDee Lamb 2019 - Kyler Murray, N'Keal Harry (yikes) 2018 - Baker Mayfield, DJ Moore 2017 - Deshaun Watson, Corey Davis 2016 - Jared Goff, Corey Coleman 2015 - Jameis Winston, Amari Cooper 2014 - Manziel/BridgewateBortles, Watkins/Mike Evans/Brandin Cooks (couldn't believe it was actually manziel so I listed the next few)
Though it may not look it, this list proves my point. You don't have to pencil in QB at the top spot just because you play in a super flex league. QB is king in this format there is no doubt about that, but a middling QB2 isn't someone that will crown you. I'm not proclaiming Corral to be that either, but it's in his range of outcomes and for me it seems more likely he is a Derek CarKirk Cousins type of fantasy finisher than he is a league winner.
1.07 Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh Pickett's blow up year has almost assured him first round draft capital. Most likely to a later team that needs a QB, which is huge. If he can stay home in Pittsburgh or go to a similar franchise that has their shit together, then I have the utmost confidence that he can be a fantasy contributor. His previously 'sneaky' athleticism was on full display with the Fake Slide Heard 'Round the World this past weekend. Regardless of your thoughts on the play, he was already 15-20 yards down the field before the move and this is something he's proven to be able to do all season long. He should be able to help your fantasy team out with his legs and keep his floor decently safe.
1.08 Kenneth Walker, RB, Michigan State The RBs have been decently spread out in the first round and that's not something I expect to happen in most leagues. Walker is a very talented back who will excel in the league at picking up chunk yardage and goal line TDs. My guess is that when Spiller or Breece goes off the board first, the next two backs will come off the board right after. If that sounds like your league, then prepare to need a pick in the top half of the first to get Walker.
1.09 Drake London, WR, USC I started each one of my 'Meet the 22 class' posts by saying that this is not a bad draft class. This is precisely what I meant because London can be an immediate factor on whatever team drafts him. London is some people's WR1 and here he is being taken at 1.09. It feels like stealing to me, and I'm the guy that made all of the picks before it.
1.10 Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State This is not something I expect many of you to see in your leagues. Dotson is a player that I am much, much higher on than the majority of people, at least in my experience. He's my guy in this years draft class and this is where I am comfortable taking him in a SF league.
1.11 David Bell, WR, Purdue When we get into the dead zone of no football and no combine, Bell is someone I see rising up draft boards. The tape he put out this year was chock full of highlight reel plays and massive performances. But moreso than that I predict that everyone and their mother will know that David Bell has a breakout age of 18 by the time you get to draft. Late first is something I would be very happy with as a contender, but I can see Bell slowly working his way up.
1.12 Carson Strong, QB, Nevada This is your chance. If you are kicking yourself for not thinking Mac Jones was going to be a good player, this is how you redeem yourself. I'm assuming his medicals will be clear at the combine and he won't suffer any setbacks, which is not necessarily a safe bet when talking about Carson Strong. If that is the case though, he boasts the best arm in the class and will probably receive first round DC, so this could be another great value pick.
2.01 Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama For those of you that caught the Alabama game this past weekend, I know you are now a believer. For those of you that watched the game and chose to get caught up in the fact that he was running vertical routes and want to call him an incomplete prospect despite torching the best defense in the nation every down and putting on a show both in footwork and selling the DBs on his routes, then I have good news for you! You don't have to draft him. Let him fall and make a league mate's day.
In case you can't tell, Jameson Williams is another one of my guys in this class.
2.02 Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA Once again I have spread out the RBs but this time it's a little more purposeful. The gap between Charbonnet and Walker isn't all that big, but it is where I have found the best spot for that tier of WRs to go. I feel comfortable letting Charbonnet slip past into the second round, but I don't think I could let that happen to more than one of Dotson, Bell, or Williams.
2.03 George Pickens, WR, Georgia Pickens has the most opportunity to rise between now and actual draft day. His combine (and the college football playoff of course) mean more than this season has for him. I think this is low for Pickens, the man touted as the potential WR1 in this class before his ACL tear in the off-season. He played well against Alabama this past weekend, though he was overshadowed by true freshman TE Brock Bowers. Regardless, expect Pickens draft stock to continue to rise.
2.04 Chris Olave, WR, Ohio State This could very well be a Kadarius Toney situation where I act like I know how to evaluate talent better than actual NFL front offices leading me to let an incredibly talented WR slip past me so I can take a shot on *checks notes* Amon-Ra St Brown. Not the worst move in the world but I wish I had that one back.
2.05 Rachaad White, RB, Arizona State White has potentially the widest range of outcomes in this draft class in terms of fantasy finish. He's built like the traditional 2-down work horse but might be the best receiving back in this class. There's a chance he is a full load type of back (nice), but there's also a chance the game just looks too quick for his one cut play-style and in turn he doesn't get fed. I just hope he goes to a scheme that will fit him and a coaching staff that will put their trust in him. The Dolphins have a history of coaches loving White, so that could be a perfect fit.
2.05 Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinatti Ridder has been convincing me more and more each week, to the point that I think he could also get some late first DC. If that's the case, 2.05 is too low. The CFP is a great chance for Ridder to show the world what he's made of and put the 'weak opposition' claims to bed.
2.06 Sincere McCormick, RB, UTSA It wouldn't make sense for me to tell the world that I think Sincere is what people want Kyren Williams to be and then draft Kyren over him. I'm a man of my word and I'm sticking with Sincere for the time being. Kyren will get some very solid DC on the big day, meanwhile the jury is still out and what day Sincere will be drafted. If the Meep Meep Man goes Day 2, this spot is solidified. Mid-late day 3 and I will have no choice but to move him down a little bit.
2.07 Kyren Williams, RB, Notre Dame 2.07 for what could possibly be the third RB off the board in the real world seems incredibly low. For example, after one season the third RB off the board in 2021 is now KeepTradeCut's RB4 overall. We all know that KTC is Gospel, the absolute end-all-be-all of trade value, so having Kyren available in the mid second could turn out to be an awful look for me in the very near future.
2.08 Malik Willis, QB, Libery QB is king, and a young Konami code QB? It literally can't get any better, right?
Willis was the consensus QB1 and 1.01 just a couple short months ago. His season started hot but his draft stock has taken a major dip in the past weeks. Willis' fantasy draft stock rests entirely on his DC and where he lands. He's a wild card through and through and clearly needs an organization that has its shit together. Becoming the newest member of the Football Team® in the early second round is a great example of what I would hate to see for Willis. Late first to Denver on the other hand, now that could change something here (even though they aren't historically great at drafting QBs).
2.09 Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama Playmakers make plays, and Tolbert is a playmaker. I'm interested to see how he transitions to the league. I think he will be one of those guys that needs a bit of time to adjust, I just hope that doesn't lead to him getting buried on some teams depth chart.
2.10, Wan'Dale Robinson, WR, Kentucky I wouldn't count on finding Robinson this low in many of your leagues either. Like I've said before, he's my pick for the 2022 Elijah Moore Off-Season Hype Train award. His fantasy football draft stock is higher than this already, and if he gets that type of hype he might even kiss the end of the first round.
2.11 Isaiah Likely, TE, Coastal Carolina Ladies and Gentlemen, our first tight end. This mock is not for tight end premium and as far as the question of 'where would you take your first TE in TEP drafts?' that's an answer I still haven't been able to come up with. You can't take either of the top 2 TEs above Olave, so probably right around Ridder here? meaning 2.04-2.06 is the range where I would start to think about it.
Regardless, Likely could be used similar to the way Pitts is used in Atlanta as basically just a big receiver, so I think he will have the highest ceiling of this TE class.
2.12 John Metchie, WR, Alabama Metchie's torn ACL definitely doesn't help his draft stock. I hope for his sake that he will be back fully healthy in time for the combine but that doesn't sound likely at all does it. That was where Metchie was really going to stick out and get his DC up after a season of being overshadowed by Williams. The good news is I don't think that NFL teams are as down on Metchie as the fantasy community is, so he should receive solid DC no matter what and the injury is not something I expect to impact his career in the NFL once he gets there.
3.01 Hassan Haskins, RB, Michigan The RB-turned-linebacker-turned-RB has come into his own at the end of this season, with either 150 yards on the ground or multiple TDs in every game for the past month. He has fended off touches from the two NFL prospect RBs and is certainly worthy of being drafted in your fantasy leagues.
3.02 Jalen Wydermyer, TE, Texas A&M You can switch Wydermyer and Likely and that's what the average league will probably look like. I've been seeing people saying Wydermyer could get first round DC, and if that's the case then I'll have no choice but to get him out of the third round at the very least.
3.03 Romeo Doubs, WR, Nevada This is actually the lowest I've mocked Doubs before since I first got him on my board in early October. It has nothing to do with Doubs play, as he ended his season with three straight stat lines of:
5/97/2 11/159/2 9/127/2
He couldn't have done more to convince people that he belongs here. It moreso has to do with the rise of the prospects around him.
3.04 Tyler Badie, RB, Mizzou Badie represents the 'dead zone' line for me. Now of course I think everyone here deserves to be drafted in your fantasy leagues, that's why I'm drafting them. But if you want to take a shot on your favorite college player after this pick, I'm not going to fault you. Fantasy football is a game that's supposed to bring joy and for me nothing makes me happier than winning with my guys on my team. Badie is the last person in this class that I think needs to be drafted. You can do you after this pick, the following is just how I do me.
3.05 Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State As I mentioned in my WR post, Reed is one of my favorite late picks in this draft. I expect the combine to make the price of brick go up, but I don't see the hype going much higher than late second. Consistently getting Reed with the last pick of a draft right now though is so, so sweet.
3.06 Tyler Allgeier, RB, BYU I don't know how it works anymore, but this was Allgeier's 4th season with a carry at BYU, though he is still technically a sophomore. I hope Allgeier declares because I think he deserves to be talked about as one of the best backs in college football and he hasn't received that sort of recognition.
3.07 Zamir White, RB, Georgia Hearing the crowd yell 'Zeus' every time he touched the ball was basically the only bright spot on the Georgia offense last week. He has some burst and was hitting holes well, though he never made it past the second level. He's worth taking a shot on though to see if his career can take a Frank Gore kind of route (in terms of health. Don't see him becoming one of the greatest RBs of all time but ya never know.)
3.08 Justyn Ross, WR, Clemson Ross is a scary pick for me. I know there are people willing to move the blame entirely onto the QB play of this Clemson offense but I don't think Ross has looked like the same 1,000 yard receiver he was at 18 y.o. He was an incredible talent and still could hold that potential in him. I'm not comfortable using a late second or even 3.01/3.02ish on him, but if you want to take a shot on him bouncing back then I have no problem with it. Just not a game I like to play.
3.09 Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Ohio State Ruckert's production at OSU doesn't match his talent level and that is something I like to take advantage of late in drafts.
3.10 Trey McBride, TE, Colorado State McBride's production at CSU does match his talent level and that is something I like to take advantage of late in drafts.
3.11 Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan Moore is one of those players that impresses more and more with each watch. If he comes out this year then he is certainly someone I will draft/pick up after the draft. Unless he wears that DB ass number in the NFL, then I might be out.
3.12 Jerome Ford, RB, Cincinnati The Alabama transfer has looked great in his last two years for Cincy, including a 19 touch, 200 yard and 2 TD championship performance to cap off the regular season. If he impresses against his former school then look for him to shoot up draft boards, assuming he declares.
Notable UDFAs:

  1. Most of the UDFA QBs are just guys I expect to return, except Zappe who's someone I'm waiting to see some sort of DC from because I believe the Houston Baptist product has some real talent.
  2. Goodson just misses the cut from the RB room, Verdell has injury history, Smith is a former All-Texas HS RB, but played mostly special teams and linebacker until this season, Pierce I wanted more volume from, Peoples is the same deal, Brown is someone I worry was a product of too much volume.
  3. Demus is normally someone I like to pick up in the late third, and the others I think are good and would probably make it onto a four round mock. You can take your shot on your favorite.
  4. TEs are the same deal, take your shot on whichever one you like at this point in time.
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Inspirado numa trend de postagem na front page
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I am by the door. Password: Ash
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2021.12.06 14:39 zeeplereddit How to Delete My iMac Folder from Dropbox

One of the teacher in my school is running out of space in Dropbox and we have discovered that it is because somehow the option to backup her iMac to Dropbox was checked. We turned that off, obviously, but now we discover that there is no way to delete the iMac backup content, including the folders from Dropbox. Any other file in Dropbox has a "Delete" option, but not these folders for some reason.
How do we delete those folders?
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2021.12.06 14:39 VaderHater21 Just buy and stop looking at the charts

The title says it all but there are too many of you who are looking for short term unrealistic gains. If you can get in an out with profits on a short-term scale, be happy. But I 100% know there are a ton of you trying to time markets. The reality is you can never properly time them. If you do, you got lucky. FUD will constantly exist and it shakes out the weak hands.
Buy and hold. Just stop looking at the charts. Best thing I ever did was stake ETH. It means I just hold regardless of the roller-coaster ride. You will look back in 5 years and go, "shit, I should have just held onto my crypto long-term."
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2021.12.06 14:39 Helarki Tell Me About Your World's National Anthems

I've always loved national anthems, not merely just my own country's. They're an expression of who a people is or where they come from. I feel that it is an underrated level of worldbuilding that can be easily overlooked. So, have you come up with any national anthems in your world and/or their histories and maybe who wrote them?
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2021.12.06 14:39 Kiki_Learning_Things "Disney gives humanoid robot a 'lifelike' gaze. Their goal is to one day incorporate this technology into the animatronics at its theme parks, giving them an 'illusion of life' that will entertain guests."

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