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2021.10.19 23:54 archclan That annoying mobile game ad

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2021.10.19 23:54 YourLocalIdiot- Which offer should I do? Quick pls

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2021.10.19 23:54 reddit_feed_bot Brazilian lawmakers to recommend HOMICIDE charges for President Bolsonaro over handling of Covid-19, leaked Senate report says Brazilian lawmakers to recommend HOMICIDE charges for President Bolsonaro over handling of Covid-19, leaked Senate report says submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheNewsFeed [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:54 NicktheDouglas Current Image on the Webtoon App

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2021.10.19 23:54 Poppoplop Help! Should I go see "Lamb" at 9:45?

I'm really conflicted on whether I should go to the theatre tonight alone and watch Lamb. What did you guys think of it? How is the writing compared to Hereditary, Midsommer, & The Lighthouse?
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2021.10.19 23:54 Adventurous-Rabbit52 Wouldn't it be great if this manga got Kyou and Uruma to start dating?

They have so much in common; both of them kill people. I mean, this assumes Kyou is a woman. Then, the author can use a bunch of Tsundere tropes. Maybe make it more like Kaguya sama Love is War. Or perhaps the more obvious Yandere character. That would draw in a lot of fans. It seems far fetched at first, but when you consider the Naruto scene of Uruma fighting Kuga, and the super human healing scene of Kuga beating up Uruma, all of a sudden, it doesn't seem so far fetched.
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2021.10.19 23:54 juma1324 Can someone pls let me know if I did the right thing about a mentally ill friend

To set this up we are all seniors in high school and 17 years old. This friend I've had since 9th grade ill just call them Katy (we aren't that close and have had problems in the past but I would consider us friends) started to post very scary things on their Instagram close friends list saying "I hate my mom so much...I might have to kill myself now because I don't see any other option. She's evil and she needs to die. I threaten to kill myself and she doesn't get any better but at least when I die shell knows it's her fault. I hope my s*icide destroys her and maybe once I die my dad will murder my mom or something.", "I might kill myself tonight don't try to talk me out of it I just haven't decided 100% but if I do I need all of you to make sure no one posts any pictures of me etc if I die and if anyone does make them delete it also delete all pictures of me." (all things I put in quotes are word for word from their close friend's story.
Also kind of a side note but Katy transferred out of our school after junior year because they came out as nonbinary and also did not want to do another year of the curriculum at our school because of the difficulty. Katy is also a diagnosed psychopath and has other mental health issues (this may sound rude to include but I feel like this might explain some behavior).
So earlier today I and two other friends on Katy's close friends list decided to go to our school counselor and ask if there is anything we could do because they don't go to our school anymore and they took all the screenshots from their private story and said they would handle it.
After I did that I immediately felt horrible that I shared this situation with our school and feel like I should have just contacted Katy directly and asked what to do. I have previously texted Katy when they first posted something concerning about wanted to kill themselves and they just said that they were okay and that there is nothing I could do. I feel like reporting this was the wrong idea because it will ultimately get their parents involved and their parents and the reason that Katy doesn't want to live anymore. Like a few hours later Katy texted me asking if I knew who reported them to the school and I didn't know what to do so I acted oblivious. As I type this I am still acting oblivious to showing the school their private story and I feel really bad about all of this. On one hand, I feel like I potentially avoided something bad from happening but the other part of me feels like I made this situation too big and maybe made it worse for Katy.
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2021.10.19 23:54 ringo_is_the_walrus Anyone else feel like they come across as freakin' annoying?

I can communicate with people I know super well just fine, but as I'm entering college, I am pretty much forcing myself to talk to people I'm not close to. I always feel proud of myself for the effort, but I also worry that I'm annoying people in a very specific way. I'm a pretty goofy person, and I get kind of shy and giggly when talking to people. Because of this, I feel like people think of me as one of those girls who just wants to be qUiRkY aNd DiFfErEnT!!! Think of those TikToks POVs of the "Pick me girl" or the "Girl who thinks she's the mAiN cHaRaCtEr." That really is how I think I come across. Anyway that is my vent lol. Hope y'all are having a great day!
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2021.10.19 23:54 jiashibali hello! could you help me by filling out this 2-3 minute survey about creative hobbies? it’s for a paper i’m writing for midterms

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2021.10.19 23:54 xSoulsaber Jewelry [Majo no Takkyuubin]

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2021.10.19 23:54 RequirementFar8001 Tiktok meme page acc with 156k and 2.3m likes for $60

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2021.10.19 23:54 PeanutComet231 Just had the best xbox chat conversation

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2021.10.19 23:54 Short_Chemist_8012 Visuals and Spoilers for Novels
Six pages of CYOA, and my response might be running long.
Copy-pasted from the previous thread, continuation in the comments and self-replies. Feel free to add your own stories.
Round R.O.B.'n Competition
a.k.a. Castle Clean-Up in the world of Monster Girl Quest
We're coming to you live from Iliasburg, Ilias for the start of this historic competition. Just arriving is this years "team to beat," Team A for Adorable. As one of the few teams with no males to attract monstergirls hungry for "spirit essence," they have a clear early advantage. While they aren't without a magic user on the team, it is worth noting that the "miasma" of this world makes active use of magic dangerous. Non-humans and/or those who actively use magic are in danger of being "corrupted," though into what kind of monstergirl remains to be seen...
...We could try to get an interview with Mayuri Shiina, Sakura Matou, or Sumika Kagami, but they don't appear to have any idea what is going on. So here's a member of Team Exposition, Short Chemist 8012. Take it away Eighty Twelve.
Thanks for not making a short joke. Well, this year's competition is simple in theory, yet difficult in practice, like picking up your socks. You come home at the end of a long day, kick off your shoes, and sit down to watch some quality programming.
Thanks for not making a sarcastic comment.
No problem, though some people get paid for doing endorsements. Anyway, you're comfortably seated, but your socks aren't particulary comfy. You slip them off and will pick them up "eventually." At the time, you are too comfy on the couch to go looking for a laundry hamper. You might pick up your socks, perhaps because someone told you to, but who is going to tell a R. O. B. they have to pick up their socks.
A Random Omnipotent Being might not actually wear socks, but they could clean an entire house just by willing it. "Willing it" may actually be the hardest thing, it isn't like your socks are all that heavy. You "just don't want to" and those familiar with Eldritch Estate CYOA know that R. O. B.s don't always want to clean up their houses.
We'll be right back, after this word from one of our sponsors.
And we're back. So this year we have got a eldritch with an estate they want cleaned up, hence the Castle Clean-Up Competition.
Not just one Random Omnipotent Being, with sixteen different teams and each team assigned five buildings, we're looking at a whopping 80 different estates. Rather than the "benefactor" being one of the eighty, it is entirely possible that they made a bargain with over fifty eldritch beings for what added up to some phenomenal cosmic power. That's a lot of pact magic for one witch or warlock.
No doubt. I for one welcome our new overlord and would just like to point out that as a trusted media personality, I can be helpful.
If you really want to help feel free to pick up a broom.
I'll pass.
That's what I thought.
But let's talk about the competition!
Well, this year is sort of a Relaxed "Free For All," that starts with everyone getting an ice cream. Our "new overlord" has planted rumors of a delicious new ice cream parlor "just off the beaten path" on multiple worlds. If you're familiar with shows like "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," you know the best restaurants are located in places where the property values don't cut into the food budget. There's a lot of crossover between "visual novel" and "dating sim," so taking someone out to a nice restaurant fits into multiple storylines.
What a clever use of "The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday" trope.
Keep sucking up, I'm sure "the giant ants" will appreciate your lack of a spine. Anyway, a slight transition in the architecture gets our Teams to an "ethnic neighborhood" where they get to try some of Iliasburg's frozen treats. Monstergirls need to consume "spirit essence," but eating ice cream has never had much to do with "nutrition." There are a variety of flavors enjoyed by people of every race, including but not limited special desserts made with minotaur milk "with a flavor like nothing else on Earth."
A small sample shouldn't corrupt the girls' entire bodies.
Just a reminder, R. O. B. is offering teams $10,000 per team member per day, which could buy a LOT of ice cream.
...And all I have to do is pick up a broom, you say?
Each team is cleaning five different locations, one of which is quote "infested with Beta, haunted by ghosts, or run by the Organization," just to spice things up.
On second thought, I make enough money just by saying things like "and now for a word from our sponsors."
And we're back with Castle Clean-Up in Iliasburg from Monster Girl Quest.
Using Victorian Magic CYOA as a baseline, we estimate it will take at least five years to clean five buildings. However, the available choices are "one day, one week, one month, one year, and one decade." As the "mansions" are more likely to resemble dungeons in the world of Monster Girl Quest, taking the Decade seemed the most reasonable choice.
Gaining 36 boon points probably didn't hurt.
Each team is supposed to have the resources of the members, the example used in the CYOA was Tactical Surface Fighters for the Muv Luv pilots. Two boon points for the opposing teams should cover this, and Mecha Hangars for those that need them. Servant Summoning, Magic Circuits and Magecraft for those from Fate. Scientific Facilites and PhoneWave might be available for characters from Steins Gate, but to quote the CYOA on Iliasburg "avoid going into nature unarmed." I have no say in how the other team spend their points, though I do get an extra four boons for.
Putting you at 40? 45? 46?
I'm also doing a few quests beforehand.
So you have even MORE boon points?!
Actually, I lost 27 points during my quest, but that's a story for another time. I think we're getting close to the character limit...
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2021.10.19 23:54 SarahAnnieC [Walmart CAN] 43177 Belle's Storybook Adventure 0.02$

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2021.10.19 23:54 Timberwolf2675 Help with hair

Hello all I need help with a modeling problem I'm trying to model stylized curly hair in a fohawk hairstyle can someone help me?
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2021.10.19 23:54 hercules00700 XQCs opinion about surrogacy

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2021.10.19 23:54 MinawaTube Is NOW the best chance to enter Thailand ? 2021-2022 #Thailand #Bangkok...

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2021.10.19 23:54 Murky-Librarian-7547 Will jmd wixxen

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2021.10.19 23:54 DrDarkwater Thought I'd share my new baby as it just finishes up healing...

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2021.10.19 23:54 UserNamesCantBeTooLo LPT: If you're not a "car person", find a neighborhood mechanic and always get small maintenance (oil changes, car inspections, etc) done there so when big stuff comes up, they'll know you and won't screw you over on pricing

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2021.10.19 23:54 jp_books Is it possible to pay off another credit card with a coinbase debit card?

The coinbase debit card is tempting so I can potentially double dip on cash back by getting cash back using a credit card then paying the cash-back credit card off with a cash-back coinbase card, but does your bank allow it? From what I've seen the fees to pay a credit card off with a debit card are obnoxiously high, plus any fees that coinbase or coinbase pro will add.
So, for the people who do this, how? And what are the fees?
Ignore this paragraph please. I'm not sure if the original post is over the character limit so I'll write a bit more to make sure my post isn't deleted. This should be enough now.
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2021.10.19 23:54 lindsey_leblanc Restarted

Restarted the whole game over. I was excited but now I’m sad 😂 however I’m doing a whole space theme. Any donations of such items would be awesome ! Even materials or diys would be cool !
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2021.10.19 23:54 Kind-Ad8705 Why is there scratched in my crazy in love album

I need help removing them
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2021.10.19 23:54 DasJesusDerVorstadt Can someone explain what this means tho

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2021.10.19 23:54 Fit_Cartographer_815 [WTS] LT Wright Pronghorn in 3V

Firstly, this is my first post here, so go easy on me. I have a long history of selling and trading on bladeforums and Facebook.
Anyway, I have this pronghorn. 3V steel, green micarta and a basic lt wright leather sheath. The sheath has been wet fitted to the knife using clamps. Not pretty, but effective!
This knife has been lovingly used for about a year. Sharpened the scandi grind on Diamond stones. Lots of scratches on that big scandi bevel, but the edge is beautiful. Stropped and hair popping. I did my best to document all the scratches in the photos. It’s all just from the sharpening, and just the nature of the beast when keeping a scandi grind sharp. So just to be clear, the edge is great, but cosmetically there are scratches. This is a used knife.
Being that it’s 3V, there’s some very minor staining here and there. Not sure they even show up in the pics. Anyway, just know you’re getting a used knife. Well cared for, but used.
This is my first post, so I may need help here, but I guess I’d grade this a…B? B+?
These are hard to find, especially in this steel.
Asking 100 TYD. Conus only please. PayPal. pics
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