The Unsolvable Disappearance of Andrew Moore

2021.10.20 02:00 HeadOfSpectre The Unsolvable Disappearance of Andrew Moore

Transcript of episode 28 of the Small Town Lore podcast by Autumn Driscoll, titled The Unsolvable Disappearance of Andrew Moore.

Originally aired on April 14th, 2020. Advertisements were excluded, as they were not considered relevant.

Narration was originally provided by Autumn Driscoll, except where noted.

On October 20th, 2016, 27 year old Andrew Moore got on his motorcycle, drove out of his hometown of Cambridge, Ontario, and was never seen again. Despite authorities later finding his motorcycle abandoned on a country road approximately thirty minutes away from his home, there have been no leads regarding his whereabouts. He remains a missing person to this day, and no one can understand why he left or where he might have gone.

I’m Autumn Driscoll, this is Small Town Lore. Please note that this episode contains references to suicide and potential suicidal behavior. Listener discretion is advised.

Andrew Moore was by all accounts a well liked, sociable man. He was an avid biker and a dedicated moviegoer. He sometimes enjoyed playing video games in his spare time and had an interest in craft brewing. He worked at a warehouse in Brantford, Ontario where he was one of the lead hands and was described by his co-workers as focused, friendly and funny. Former co-worker, David Spear had this to say:

Spear: Andrew knew how to make you laugh. He had a very good sense of humor. Lotta puns, a lotta jokes. We had some laughs. It’s not always the most interesting thing in the world, unloading trucks, you know? Some good conversation really, really makes it all go a lot faster. Andrew was good at that.

Driscoll: It sounds like you miss him.

Spear: Yeah. I mean, course I do. He was a good guy.

Driscoll: Do you have any ideas on what might’ve happened to him? Any theories of your own?

Spear: Honestly, I’m as in the dark as everyone else. I mean, Andrew and I hung out a few times after work. Had a few beers, and shit. I even went over to his place to game a couple of times. Was nice. I dunno why he’d ever leave any of that. Dude seemed happy.

Driscoll: So, nothing, then? You never got the vibe that he wanted to change things up?

Spear: He was pretty open about some of the stuff he was saving up for. A house, a wedding, kids. He wanted money in the bank… I get exactly where he was coming from now. Trying to save up for that stuff myself. I’m engaged, I’ve got a wedding I want to pay for. You don’t make that many plans for the future and then just bail like that and I don’t doubt for a second that he was a hundred percent on board with everything.

Driscoll: Alright… What about before he disappeared? Did you notice anything different about him before that?

Spear: He called out a lot more. Said he hadn’t been sleeping. He looked tired, was a little bit quieter. He wasn’t a hundred percent, y’know? Figured that maybe he might be sick, or that something was going on.

Was there something going on?

A few emails to his former supervisor confirmed that in the two weeks leading up to his disappearance, Andrew had called out of work four times, claiming to have not felt well.

Another former co-worker, who asked not to be named or recorded, told me that even before then, Andrew had begun acting ‘strange.’ One of the quotes he permitted me to use was: ‘He seemed very tense all the time. One time, I saw him rolling his truck and stopped to talk to him. He didn’t see me, so I surprised him. He jumped and yelled at me for sneaking up on him. I’ve never known him to do that before. He was always much more easygoing.’

Reportedly, some of Andrew’s family had also expressed concern about his behavior in the days leading up to his disappearance. I was unable to meet with them, as they now decline interviews regarding Andrew. However from past interviews they have given to other productions, it’s clear that they were worried.

This excerpt from an interview with Claire Moore, Andrew’s mother comes from a special produced about Andrew Moore’s disappearance in 2018.

Claire: I knew something was wrong… I could see it when he and Summer came for Thanksgiving. I could see the circles under his eyes. He was usually so much more talkative. But on that day, he barely spoke. Barely said a word. I remember that John (Andrew’s father) took him aside to check in on him and he told him that he hadn’t been sleeping and said he would be fine… Then, about a week later he was gone. A-and we haven’t seen him… We haven’t seen him.

What was causing Andrew so much unrest? There’s no evidence to support that he was in any financial trouble at the time, or that his relationship with his girlfriend, Summer, was in any way strained. Authorities spoke extensively to both his immediate family and his friends but were unable to determine any conclusive cause for this sudden and drastic shift in his personality. However, what they did find was quite disturbing.

This except from a police interview with Summer was provided for the special produced on Andrew’s disappearance in 2018 and may shed some light on their findings.

Summer: He was… On edge. Wasn’t sleeping much, anymore. Sometimes I’d go to bed and by the time he came to bed with me… If he came to bed with me, it was always late. Like he was putting it off.

Detective: Did he ever give a reason for that? Do you know what he was doing?

Summer: No… He was in the office, usually. Watching movies. Sometimes he was on his laptop. I don’t know what he was doing, though. I asked him about it once. He got… He snapped at me. Told me I wouldn’t get it. He told me that I didn’t see it like he did. I didn’t sense it.

Detective: And do you know what he might have meant by that?

Summer: No… Not entirely… Kinda? Near the beginning, he acted a little bit odd. One night, we were sitting in our living room, watching a movie. Everything was fine, then he started looking at the window and… We have a big window… It’s a nice view, but at night when the lights are on it just reflects our living room. He was staring at it, then he got up and kept looking around as if he was expecting to see something. He was getting really worked up and he kept asking me if I could see it. I didn’t see anything, and when I tried to ask him about it he started… He started yelling at me. He was pointing into our kitchen and yelling at me, saying things like: “How can you not see it? It’s right there!”

Eventually, he went into the kitchen, turned on the lights and just started storming around, screaming like there was someone else in the house.

Detective: Was there someone else in the house?

Summer: What? No! It was just us, I don’t know who he thought he was talking to. It wasn’t just one time, either… One night he woke me up, and started yelling at me to see. He kept pointing to the empty doorframe but… Nobody was there. I got up with him and we went through the entire apartment together. Nothing. No one was there.

Detective: You’re sure?

Summer: I’m positive.

It’s obvious from this interview that Andrew clearly believed that someone was entering his home and perhaps even following him. His anxious behavior at work seems to support this, although I could find no information about similar outbursts at work or outside of home.

So, what’s the truth? Was someone following Andrew? Summer claimed that no one else was in the house during his outbursts, but clearly, he was on edge. Summer provided Andrew's laptop to the police following his disappearance and they shared some of the documents he had kept there. It appears he had been keeping a journal of some sort, regarding his experiences. What follows is an excerpt from one of the entries from this journal:

See it in the windows. In every reflection. Can never get a good look. Sometimes just part of it. Sometimes… I don’t know… Hard to look at it. Hard to see but I know it’s there. In the shadows, in the mirrors, reflections, doorways. On the other side of the window. Summer doesn’t see it. Nobody at work sees it. I see it on the street when I drive my car and nobody on the street sees it.

I might be losing my mind… Might be losing my mind… No, no... It’s there. I see it. Even when I’m dreaming I see it and I wake up and it’s still there. Was outside the shower this morning. Saw it through the glass door. I closed it and the shadow was there standing so close to the glass on the other side of the window. Don’t know what it wants. Tried to talk to it again. It doesn’t answer. It just stands in the shadows and watches me and watches and waits. Stands on the other side of the window. On the other side of the window where it wants me to be but I’m not going to go. No. I’m not going to go.

Every entry appears similar, featuring Andrew rambling almost incoherently about something ‘on the other side of the window’ although exactly what it is he believed that he was being harassed by is never clearly elaborated upon. It’s possible that Andrew himself was not completely sure as to what it was.

Detective Nicole Duncan, who investigated Andrew’s disappearance at the time would later put forward the theory that Andrew was in the midst of some sort of psychological episode. She suggested that it was possible something had happened to cause him to begin to break away from reality and have intense hallucinations. Possibly the onset of schizophrenia or another serious disorder.

However, Andrew had no notable history of mental illness in his family and schizophrenia usually sets in between the late teens and early twenties. At 27, he was out of that age range. While it is not completely impossible. It seems unlikely and others have discounted the theory. So if not schizophrenia, what was it? Some other mental illness? A brain tumor? Without finding Andrew, it’s impossible to say for sure. Which returns us to the primary question, where is Andrew?

On October 20th 2016, Summer Nickerson got up for work. According to her, Andrew was still in bed and appeared to be asleep at the time. He had not gotten out of bed or given any indication that he was awake when Summer left for work at 8 AM. According to her, this was not unusual. He was often asleep when she left for work.

Later that day though, at 10:14 AM, the elevator camera picked up footage of Andrew hastily entering. He appeared anxious and uneasy, hitting the button to close the door multiple times before it closed. At 10:16 the lobby camera picked up Andrew running out of the elevator and towards the door as if he were running away from something.

At 10:29, a traffic camera at an intersection close to his apartment picked up Andrew on his motorcycle, driving towards Brantford, Ontario. Another camera picked him up at 10:42 and another at 10:49. Each time getting closer and closer to the edge of Cambridge before he presumably made it to the highways outside of town.

Summer returned home at around 5:00 that day and was not surprised to find Andrew missing, as he had been scheduled to work at 11:00 that morning and she did not expect him back until around 7 or 8. However, when Andrew had not returned by late that evening, she attempted to call him. Then, after failing to get ahold of him, she called his family and friends.

While speaking to a co-worker of his, Summer was informed that Andrew had not come into work that day and after he failed to return home in the morning, she contacted the Police to report him as a missing person. The Cambridge police reviewed the footage from the lobby and would later find the traffic camera footage.

The following day, Andrews' motorcycle was found parked at the side of a back road, outside of Paris, Ontario. Roughly thirty minutes from his house. The road his bike was found on was fairly densely forested, so it is believed likely that at some point, for some unknown reason he dismounted his bike and entered the woods. During the search that followed, no sign of Andrew was recovered.

However, while reviewing the footage they obtained both from the apartment and the traffic cameras, Cambridge police noticed some interesting irregularities in the footage. While Andrew was visible on the elevator camera, something can reportedly be seen moving behind his reflection in the polished steel wall of the elevator. Something can also reportedly be seen reflected in the glass of the lobby door as Andrew exits the building.

This footage has of course become available online and many have discussed what if anything is shown on the footage. Some skeptics have debunked what could be described as a ‘figure’ moving in the reflections as simple apophenia. People seeing things in the grainy footage that aren’t there, or simply seeing the reflection of Andrew in both the steel wall and the lobby door and attributing some greater significance to it, in order to lend some sort of credibility to his delusions. They believe it is more likely that he did in fact suffer from some sort of undiagnosed condition that was left unchecked and ultimately led to some sort of episode.

However, others are adamant that Andrew’s reflection, seemingly visible in both the steel wall and the glass door was not the only thing visible on the footage and insist that something seemed to be following him. There is no official consensus, but it is the belief of the Cambridge police that there was nothing supernatural involved in Andrew's disappearance. Although their statement on the matter has not silenced those who believe otherwise.

In the meanwhile, whether the cause of his disappearance was supernatural or psychological, Andrew Moore remains missing and efforts to find him have turned up little to nothing.

The search of the forest around where his motorcycle was found turned up no evidence and he has not attempted to contact any family or friends. As of April 2020, the Moore family has offered $10,000 for any credible information on what became of Andrew. But despite two alleged sightings of Andrew, first in 2017 in Burlington, Vermont, and again in Guelph, Ontario in 2018, the reward has yet to be claimed. Neither sighting was deemed to be credible. As of April 2020, Andrew Moore remains a missing person and though his family still holds out hope, the chances of him ever being found and returned to them, unfortunately, grow slimmer and slimmer.

Yet perhaps even more tragically, Andrew’s disappearance was not the final strange occurrence in this case. The final devastating blow came in March of 2017, when Summer Nickerson was found dead outside of the seventh floor apartment where she and Andrew had once lived. She was found beneath the balcony of her apartment, having seemingly thrown herself over to her death.

FAndrew'samily had claimed that Summer had grown increasingly distant from her friends and loved ones in the months following Andrews disappearance and despite their efforts to support her, she had taken it incredibly hard. Her death was unfortunately ruled as a suicide. A tragic epilogue to an unsolved mystery and seemingly a harsh reminder of how hard loss can impact those we leave behind… At least, on the surface.

Though it was not publicized at the time, Summer’s final message, left behind in her home at the time of her death, casts a troubling light on her mental state at the time. The text of what is believed to be her suicide note reads as follows:

Do not follow me. Do not follow me. Do not follow me.
At last now, I see.
I see them in the windows, in the shadows, and in the doorways, watching me.Their hand is on his shoulder so he cannot flee.
But he belongs to me and only to me.

I’m going to the other side of the window. I’m going to set him free.
I’m going to the other side of the window. I’m going to set us free.
But if you see me in the windows please, please, do not follow me.
Please, please do not follow me.

Friends and family had not had contact with Summer in the week prior to her death, and she had called out from work several times, seemingly having become completely withdrawn from those around her. Unfortunately, her supposed cryptic final words only fueled the speculation of supernatural involvement in both her death and Andrew’s disappearance. However officially, the case has not been reopened.

What is the real truth behind the death of Summer Nickerson and the disappearance of Andrew Moore? No one knows. But whether supernatural or psychological, this unsolved mystery should remind us to stay close to those who we love. As their struggles may not always seem clear at first, but can come to a head in a tragic way that inflicts even greater pain upon those around them.

I’m Autumn Driscoll. This has been the Small Town Lore Podcast. Take care of each other, and I’ll see you next week.
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