Driver starts fist-fight with three NYPD officers, wins, then casually drives away.

2021.10.20 01:58 ivanoski-007 Driver starts fist-fight with three NYPD officers, wins, then casually drives away.

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2021.10.20 01:58 MinecraftGuyLolYeet This is more of a mod walkthrough don't you think?

This is more of a mod walkthrough don't you think? Legit tho I think someone nerfed 1-9. 1-10 is easy, just fill in as much space as possible, just not all. 2-2 has zomboni, buckethead peashooter and football zombies, try to stall football with puff, 2 collumns of reapeaters for the bucketheads and potato mine or cherry bomb for the zomboni. 2-4 has screendoor buckethead squash and pole vaulter, puff shroom counters both of them even if the pole vaulter jumps forever. Either play osu in 2-5 or spam while moving the mouse up and down, it's also a good time to grind some money, I recommend 25000 if so (optional, did it anyways just to be safe).
Play cookie clicker, trust me it will help you
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2021.10.20 01:58 Either_Effective New player and im loving a lot in this game but im very demotivated to continue playing...

Been playing for about under a month now, and i am starting to get pushed away as i am just getting demolished in all infantry and 1v1's. I play VS HA and i have a background of Apex legends tournaments and am a slightly above average player whne it comes to FPS i would say. But this game i just get wrecked and i would love any tips as i spam crouch, and use the orion with a fully upgraded adrenaline shield and advanced shield capacitor (i heard nanoweave got nerfed).
im just very demotivated to continue running into battle only to lose to constant assualt rifles, other heavies and even smg LA own me in every 1v1. i didnt want to make a pity post as i know there will be the 'git gud' comment but if anyone can even maybe mentor me in game im all for it because i want to improve, although im not too sure how interactive the community is. (i play solo btw). Do i spam ADAD and spam crouch all while pushing Q and pushing F for my HA shield? (i know this game is very headshot and bloom oriented) although i still find myself when i land a few headshots and maybe a few chestshots i still lose. did i just join this game late to the party ? to find everyone is a counterstrike/valorant pro that hits 100% headshots?
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2021.10.20 01:58 Her_Idea_Bi_3way No Choice

Never picked a orientation due to being inappropriately touched..
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2021.10.20 01:58 sihotoj2115 Nice place for sleeping

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2021.10.20 01:58 ELVEVERX Friendly reminder from your science team not to call us every time you experience deja vu, convinced it is evidence we are in a time loop.

Hi everyone! Science department here, again!
Look I get it. After what happened to the Bozeman everyone is dreading the thought of being stuck in a time loop. It's impossible not to think about it every time we walk the same identical looking corridors, ferrying mediators to yet another war torn planet. But please for the love of god, ENOUGH. Every time someone reports a feeling of deja vu we are required by regulation to look into it thoroughly and this ties all of us up for the next 48 hours or more checking for signs of temporal discontinuity. That is time that is not being spent scanning for quantum filaments or completing all the important scientific work that is the primary reason we are supposed to be out here.
Seriously, I've had too many conversations with senior officers that go like this. "I had a feeling just now... just... maybe you should look into it? For piece of mind?" And we then have to go through the whole thing again. Remember that since the Bozeman incident we have automated procedures in place that routinely check for time loops which include constantly checking our internal clocks with subspace beacons and monitoring the drift of planets. "But what if the beacons and planets are ALSO in a time loop?" Sigh.
Look 99 times out of a hundred it's nothing. 0.5% of the time it's a passing Romulan Warbird and their stupid quantum singularities. We don't want to say that you shouldn't report time loop evidence when you see it, but for fuck's sake, please be reasonable. Look the chief medical officer calling your bluff is NOT sufficient evidence of time loop. (Not saying any names, but you know who you are, and you need to stop over chasing those flush and straight draws.)
I just want to re-iterate that deja vu is a normal human phenomenon, one that has been experienced for all of human history. Unless those early cases were also evidence of time loops, (and yes, Starfleet does have a team looking into this) you have nothing to worry about. Kindly consult your councilor first instead of us. I know a lot of us are tough men who question the idea of even having a councilor on board, but it is far better to treat your mental health with a mental health expert instead of seeking evidence of some kind of anomoly to explain your condition. (Also, to the ships councilors, I know you are backlogged, but please stop sending us people convinced they are in a static warp bubble. Do your jobs for fucks sake.)
Also remember it is relatively easy to break out of a time loop using the right tools. I know there's always some idiot saying "Perhaps changing course is what leads us to the collision." No. For god's sake NO. It's been researched. CHANGE FUCKING COURSE! Just add some random zigs and zags to the course. Our random number generators use quantum tunneling are infallible. These things are not cheap and we give you them for a reason. USE THEM! Understand that it is very important for your mental health to believe that free will exists, even if it still hasn't been proven by peer reviewed sources.
Yes I know space travel can be boring and that life out her can be far more tedious than the historical documents make it look like. But PLEASE... respect our time.
Honestly... It feels like I keep writing this over and over again and...
Aw fuck.
- Hurridly signed, your science team.
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2021.10.20 01:58 insertusername1910 Do you ever want to quit therapy just to see how your therapist would react?

I want to say I’m not going to do this. Although I sometimes think about quitting therapy, I don’t plan on it.
Sometimes though, like today, I had a quick thought that I should just email my therapist saying I don’t think I can do therapy anymore. Not from wanting to quit, but wanting to know how my therapist would react. Would they say come in for a session and talk about it? Or say they don’t think I should? Or just say okay, nice knowing you and that be the end of it.
It feels like I’m looking for a way for my therapist to prove he actually wants to help me, not just being stuck with me because he feels sorry for me.
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2021.10.20 01:58 CarbonZro "Decarbonization"​ - It becomes reality when we invest together!

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2021.10.20 01:58 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-ennio-flaiano-119

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2021.10.20 01:58 PutridPirate6392 I offer Gojo+X-Chara+Planet Shaper+sakuya+dio diary(i need cursed orb)

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2021.10.20 01:58 LurkerFinallyJoins mutate_if in r

hi !! i want to see if it's possible to check in all numeric columns if there is a value greater than 5000 or a value has a NA, to make it 4999.. I also want to see if it's possible to make any value greater than 5000 have an asterisk "***" instead as well. But yeah, just some ideas I have :)

im thinking like this :
mutate_if(is.numeric, ~ifelse())
but...unsure what to put in the ifelse, since each numeric column has a different name eek. any advice there?

thanks so much! sorry im pretty new to this.
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2021.10.20 01:58 boxcarjakey Lucy Launches to Eight Asteroids

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2021.10.20 01:58 camerongt Anyone have any Batman art?

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2021.10.20 01:58 ta4trolling Sorry for the poor quality picture, but I just got home and went to mist one if my enclosures and found like three dozen springtails skating in the surface if the water, first time it's happened. Anyone know why? Humidity stays in mid to upper 70's so not sure why they are suddenly seeking water?

Sorry for the poor quality picture, but I just got home and went to mist one if my enclosures and found like three dozen springtails skating in the surface if the water, first time it's happened. Anyone know why? Humidity stays in mid to upper 70's so not sure why they are suddenly seeking water? submitted by ta4trolling to InvertPets [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 01:58 Middle_Huckleberry47 SquidShiba Doxxed dev low Mc only 20k Mc and huge potential project german dev is live on telegram big marketing incoming

Welcome to Squid Shiba Launch 08.10 "Red Candle Green Candle" Will you survive and hold strong or sell in the red? Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising star coin Shiba Inu we created Squid Shiba to get the best of both worlds. Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about shiba inu and Squid Game. 🌐 Our project differs from the rest because it has a passionate German team working to develop a safety environment and also surrounding the token with massive promos.
🎯Future Goals -Get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko -Create Squid Game x Shiba Inu Nfts -Launch of the Website -Influencer Marketing Campagne including: -Youtube video Promo -Twitter Influencer Promo -Daily reddit Posts -Community Shill raids and more ✅Key notes -Liquidity locked -Voicechat before and after Launch -Verified Contract -Fair Launch
5% Marketing
10% Dogecoin Rewards
5% Liquidity
📈BUY 7%
📉SELL 7%
🌎 Contract Address: 0xd92c6d2bfdb29e439d6be356acfcf2bccffc506c
🌎 Pancakeswap:
🌎Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 01:58 Someokeyboi Best pet ever

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2021.10.20 01:58 evilgame Great minds think alike

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2021.10.20 01:58 Objective-Brush8775 f20 just curious! have no idea what i actually look like 😳

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2021.10.20 01:58 thewizardtim Bailey likes his new Tiny Tent.

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2021.10.20 01:58 Expensive_Coffee_173 🐕 QUEEN SHIBA 🐕Leading the way - Showing all other SHIBA coins how to do it properly! Amazing project. Looking good!

Queen Shiba is sick of seeing all these sloppy dog coins making a mess of his court. She’s calling a royal inquisition to put all these copycat coins to sleep. Bow down to your king. 🏰
With a low market cap, QueenShiba is destined to drop bags of gold in your wallet and provide at least a 100x return (honestly, even 100x is FUD). This deflationary token is designed to provide you with fast, hard, continuous profit. 🤑
So, congratulations on finding $QUEEN early. We will cover this whole goddamn space in gold✨, jewels💍, and booze🍻🍷 - getting absolutely minted💰 while we're at it.
Now, all you have to do is stop whatever you’re doing, and rush to attend the Queen's court - you, your family and your friends have been summoned by the $QUEEN. 👑
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial burn: 20%
Liquidity tax: 7%
Reflection tax: 2%
Queen Shiba to the moon!
Contract address: 0x86646a16c23e083f73695ac4259e7c7a56afb599
🧾Contract: Verified ✔️
Holders: Less than 200 currently✊
💰Marketcap: Less than 50K USD
🥞Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 01:58 cattynapz kidpix fun

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2021.10.20 01:58 Jamesy1998 Getting a Mental Health Care Plan done up, need to choose a psychologist/councillor on the Coast.

Open to any recommendations to a pyschologists/councillor on the GC. Bonus if they bulk bill.
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2021.10.20 01:58 yes-no-maybe-oh growing is so fkn exciting!!!

i submitted my first three college applications today and it’s honestly such a bizarre feeling. i never thought i’d make it to this point lol. i’m really really proud of my essay and i’m having anyone who cares read it cus i just wanna show it off.
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2021.10.20 01:58 goofywhale666 16 team ppr redraft sad trade

I am 3-3 and no one wants CMC. I need a win now and my rbs this week are Javonte and Sony michel and my flex is David Johnson and no te because of byes. It’s horrendous. Do I take this trade to hopefully buy some wins the next couple weeks?
View Poll
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2021.10.20 01:58 BogdanOleg Ноширо усыпанная розами :: #Noshiro #Azur Lane #cute #girl #legs #flowers #barefoot :: Автор работы ATDAN- ::

Ноширо усыпанная розами :: #Noshiro #Azur Lane #cute #girl #legs #flowers #barefoot :: Автор работы ATDAN- :: submitted by BogdanOleg to CuteAnimeArts [link] [comments]