let's choose "no" and see what happens

2021.09.22 01:57 Mecrot let's choose "no" and see what happens

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2021.09.22 01:57 Okay_Pineapple Better to use unique grain in starter or final bake?

Im starting my sourdough journey, and I was thinking about flour.
Most recipes I've read, say to use whole wheat or even rye flour for building your starter. Is this purely an accessibility/cost thing or does the use of more specialty flours early on not pay off as well in the end? Maybe using something fancier for the final bake ends in a better result?
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2021.09.22 01:57 HUGOMARTT Así es

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2021.09.22 01:57 AggressiveCompany523 NBA 2K22 MyCareer PC - PR Lady is Furious! First LOB CITY Connection in NBA! Ep.10

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2021.09.22 01:57 TeaJhay [PS4][HELP][DS2: SOTFS] Need help with Sir Alonne, I am so tired

The iron king DLC has me beat, Alonne is the only real challenge left for me in this area and honestly I don't wanna spend the next two hours going at him solo or wasting effigies.
TIA. Not sure where the summon areas are so let me know
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2021.09.22 01:57 EmoAlexUwU Too many trans people for me to possibly be one??

I feel like I ask too many questions on this site, and I'm sorry I overuse and or annoy you all. I'm just so confused. As always 'imposter syndrome' makes me question whether I'm faking dysphoria, but then in my head, I start pulling the statistics, and I start thinking that if I talk to at least 3 trans people pretty much every day, then statistically there's no way I'd be trans. And if I 'were' that'd mean I'm just doing it for a trend. This sucks, because I know it doesn't happen like that, but these questions run through my head because if I ever were to ask for someone to confirm whether I'm trans or not, I'd need to face these exact same questions/transphobia from my mom.
How does one know that they aren't faking dysphoria? Or just 'figuring it out after they learn what it is? If I know so many non-cis people, then wouldn't that mean that at least one of us isn't statistically trans? (so that likely means I can't be trans based on the data) How were you able to 'know' you were 'actually' trans?
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2021.09.22 01:57 Suppiewolf What is your least favorite color and why?

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2021.09.22 01:57 Origen_ MRW a straw I'm trying to open bends and I realize it's not going to suck quite right

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2021.09.22 01:57 lightlab1 Where can I learn to draw in Melbourne, Australia?

I think I’m okay at drawing but need a lot of improvement. I’m a first time mum on maternity leave and feeling like I need to find something for me, not sure if I have PND but have had various days where I’m down in the dumps. I love drawing and it makes me feel good but I get discouraged a lot. We’re in lockdown right now so I can’t attend anywhere in person but are there any online courses that might help me improve? Any YouTubers you guys vastly recommend? Thanks in advance
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2021.09.22 01:57 careermove12 Staying online to appear busy

Why do people do this? I work in industry with a team that has a culture of people staying online just to stay online/appear busy. I never understood the point of this. I complete my work with no issues during the workday and my boss says we should start thinking about working late. Like what? Why should I just stay online to just stay online?
I previously worked in public accounting where I had a ton of freedom. I would show up late, take long lunches, and/or leave early if it wasn’t busy season. No one had any issues with this if my work was still getting completed. However, during busy season, I knew my workload would increase dramatically and I would stay online until whenever I felt necessary.
Is this a workplace culture thing? I have the mindset that I get paid to do a job, not by the hour. Therefore, if I feel like I’m at a good stopping point and still meeting deadlines with good quality work, why should I stay online just to stay online?
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2021.09.22 01:57 JadielPR Help with routine

After I apply benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin then apply my sunscreen it peels of my skin what am i doing wrong?
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2021.09.22 01:57 ComfortableRice2577 🌘CloneBit🌘 | 8% Uniswap Rewards | Launching Now | Extensive Roadmap | ✔️ Dev Based | 🔥Professional Marketing Team🔥

🚨CloneBit Project🚨

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📄Token Details📄

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💠 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xfa0d3deb29ad039b168a01a53c2fd264bad96438#readContract

🔐 Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x010073a50dfb4f6308980aa8a850ca3169e5f196
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2021.09.22 01:57 2goodlife At Some Peak in Heuksando

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2021.09.22 01:57 Chalkie89 My gf is pregnant and so am I! Help

Hi I have an issue. I'm empathic(I think) and I connect to some random people(like my boss who I would only fight with) so to say I have little to no control over this ability.
Me and my gf are connected well and if she has a bad time at work or gets a hurt in some way I end up taking a portion of that pain and normally give her a ring to find out if she is OK and confirm if I just had a twinge or I'm picking something up (been trying to work our what is external input and not just my own clutter mind).
So I have been feeling a little queezey for last few weeks then my gf tells me she thinks she might be pregnant as she has been feeling the same feelings she had when she had her first 2 kids. So her qweezy feeling I'm picking up on as she said it's the same and in the same place. Spooky! So now the test is done and all is confirmed.
What am I going to do when she is in labour. Will I feel that too? So any advice on how to take some control of this ability would be helpful.
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2021.09.22 01:57 fevredream Melonpan: the Bittersweet Armenian History of Japan's Beloved Sweet Bun

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2021.09.22 01:57 Justbe1217 Plz see aghh father/daughter issue

Plz see previous posts…again as I explained in another forum, I’m still learning with posting on Reddit..trying to figure out how I’m breaking rules etc. plz DM if you have questions or words of encouragement! Thank you to those who’ve reached out already 🙏🏼
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2021.09.22 01:57 Hoars- tunneling

i know it’s fine in the game but i can’t stand killers who tunnel you even when they hit their damn obsession or another person who just saved you like, why?? let me at least heal off the hook that i just got off of. damn this game drives me absolutely insane but i can’t stop playing i just wanted to talk about it since since ps4 can’t have the chat like pc does. 😒
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2021.09.22 01:57 EnvironmentLittle719 just got 170k and trading it what should I trade it for?

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2021.09.22 01:57 Greekcitytimes Breaking: A 5.64 magnitude earthquake has occurred in Victoria, Melbourne

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2021.09.22 01:57 JonKutz Hey all! New video out now of us playing The Sims 4, with our counterparts in game!

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2021.09.22 01:57 aeralure Love the game, but it is too frustrating

Beautiful game. Too hard for me. Or too annoying. I am not sure which. I am not a Souls vet. I had no idea it was going to be something like that - which I am sure pleases a lot of people. I just wish I knew that's what this was, as I would not have gotten it. Fantastic game though - don't get me wrong. The devs deserve a lot of credit.
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2021.09.22 01:57 imyourforte Ancient Mexico

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2021.09.22 01:57 two_sentence_critic Help putting a shape behind words.

I'm trying to put a shape being text, simple. When I format the shape to go behind the text it does, but the text seems to be highlighted white. I checked and there's no highlight. How can I remove the white behind my text?
Thank you.
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2021.09.22 01:57 Canable42 Kramer's rant today led me to this train of thought

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2021.09.22 01:57 portal742 Snapchat’s “beef porcupine”

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