Teaching the Shaolin Monks the 5 finger death punch

2021.09.22 00:26 naughtyrev Teaching the Shaolin Monks the 5 finger death punch

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2021.09.22 00:26 themiamimarlins Fangraphs/538 World Series Win Chances

538 numbers in parantheses
(1) Both models are extremely bearish on the Giants despite their having the best record in the league. Likewise, the Rays despite dominating a competitive division, don't get much respect.
Dodgers 21.9% (33)
Astros 16% (14)
White Sox 12.4 % (7)
Brewers 11.1 % (9)
Rays 9.5% (14)
Red Sox 6.6% (2)
Braves 6.5% (5)
Giants 5.9% (8)
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2021.09.22 00:26 lat204 Anyone else see this resemblance between Rob Dyrdek and The Hockey Guy?

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2021.09.22 00:26 DiamondRocks22 That meme has been pretty much reposted every day since it was made

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2021.09.22 00:26 olibum86 Lads please spare a thought for my landlord John. John isn't willing to work since becoming a millionaire during the celtic tiger and then buying up property for a fraction of its current value. John is really struggling right now and a rent freeze would just ruin what little hope he has.

Lads please spare a thought for my landlord John. John isn't willing to work since becoming a millionaire during the celtic tiger and then buying up property for a fraction of its current value. John is really struggling right now and a rent freeze would just ruin what little hope he has. submitted by olibum86 to ireland [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 00:26 Tech-Cowboy Psychologists recommendations?

Looking for a male (I feel more comfortable this way), can see you in person and specializes in OCD (many practises on PsychologyToday list proficiency in treating multiple issues, I'd rather someone which deep experience with this specific issue).
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2021.09.22 00:26 mgarr93 Huge phantom candle wick to $435? Wut Doing GME?

Huge phantom candle wick to $435? Wut Doing GME? This is showing a candle wick spike to $435 for about 10 seconds. Anyone got any ideas on why this phantom candle was forming?
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2021.09.22 00:26 gkayaalp Methods for measuring spectral tilt in a word stress study

Do you have any methodological recommendations for measuring spectral tilt (e.g. as in Sluijter's work, 1996-7 esp re. acoustic correlates of word stress) that lends itself well to automation?
I've kinda understood the theoretical concept but the practical implementation is escaping me.
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2021.09.22 00:26 tmb082038 cse 1729

is there anyone in cse 1729 that could help me with a question on the lab?
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2021.09.22 00:26 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 00:26 Floyd008 Help me find information on 911/dollar bill design conspiracy

Guys Im trying to find something I read long time ago about the US dollar and 911, I know that old conspiracy bla, bla, but this did made the conspiracy creepier . I remember reading somewhere that the designs which show the twin towers burning down were added chronologically. The video/post I saw added the dates in which the designs were changed which incorporated the towers burning down. It was something like first in the 1990 they added something then like 1994 again then 1996 and like that.

I don't remember if first came the burning down ones and then the later the normal not burning ones.

Maybe someone knows what Im talking about?
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2021.09.22 00:26 Alex52Reddit What are all the possible issue and causes for not connecting with airlink?

My friend and I are trying to get airlink working on his laptop, which is oculus compatible. We’ve tried everything that we could think of to be able to connect but when he connects, It’s only black and his pc says hardware issue can’t connect to your headset. Any ideas?
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2021.09.22 00:26 410-BPI-98 John Stockton 1988 Fleer LFG!!!

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2021.09.22 00:26 jmmccarley H: J E +1P Railway Rifle W: Outfit Offers

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2021.09.22 00:26 JikoFett I saved my father despite being the scapegoat (venting)

I have been bullied not by kids, but by adults since the age of 4. Reached uni and still encounter older losers trying to find pleasure in putting me down, despite outclassing them.
Some in my family, my father. We had covid in 2020 (all past now) but he didn't believe it and infected me, so my mum, dad and me quarantined for 3 weeks, I recovered in a week, but my father didn't care, he got worse as I got better, I cleaned after him, cared for him despite negating my pain and my mum (who can't really fend him off). I checked his oxymeter one night and immidiately sent him to the icu.. he almost died but he made it... I didn't want him to die despite all the things I suffered. I STILL watch over this old man as He has diabetes post covid and has 0 discipline.. most of his brothers died of diabetes, so I cut down the addiction, no room for weakness with him as they did to me. No matter how tired I can be I will still get up at take on whatever comes. I make this post months later as I am tired of being forced by these covid restrictions to stay under the same roof of a boomer that represents every mistake I could've done. I sit here fuming with rage, as he got me a cold by leaving my damn window open at night again.
But my "revenge" will be being happy, I am better than my father who only uses me and my achievements to boast pointlessly to other old idiots. As an only child, my cousins too picked on me, forcing me to cry, but I don't do that to their kids, I play with them, despite growing up a loner, I learnt how to socialize better than most of my friends here.
But when I yell my father's scared of me, he obeys. I am bigger as a 23 year older and a lot cunnier than them. I wrote here cause only other scapegoats can truly understand.
Thank you for reading and take care of yourself.
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2021.09.22 00:26 Voxthar So is yone jg legit? There is a challenger player spamming yone jg in NA doing decently well

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2021.09.22 00:26 Responsible-Phone-97 My first plant

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2021.09.22 00:26 UberMisty82 DoorDash Code - 🍟 Get up to $45 CAD ($15 off your first 3 orders) plus free delivery 🍟

Get $15 CAD off first 3 orders ($45 total) and free delivery from restaurants on Doordash
US and Canada only so far.
Copy this link and paste in your browser of choice for the promotion to work. You will see the promotion page. Clicking the link will not work.
If you have previously signed up before, make sure to use a phone number and credit card that has never previously been linked to a DoorDash account.
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2021.09.22 00:26 americanty Passport Timeline - Texas Expedited

So today (9/21), I submitted my application for a new passport and payed for expedited service. I was told it will come within 12 weeks but my travel date is 12/1 which gives me 10 weeks at the most. Do I need to wait to pay for the 1-2 day shipping and/or contact my senatocongressman? I also saw that I should probably call whichever processing location it end up at? This sub has been super helpful so any advice would be greatly appreciated and would certainly ease the stress.
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2021.09.22 00:26 pencilpusher13 I swear the only reason I don’t want more kids is because of f*cking feeding them/meal times.

That is it. That I’m is why I’m not having more kids. It’s the most frustrating, obnoxious, time wasting thing. I fucking hate it.
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2021.09.22 00:26 jcobb82 mark biernes microbiology class is making me want to change my entire major.

i’m a freshman and the last biology class i’ve taken was freshman year of highschool. this class is ridiculously hard for something that shouldn’t be. he won’t tell us what we’re supposed to be studying, tries to teach the content on the tests AFTER the tests, class average is like a 40 something, but the grades are supposedly curved at the end to “teach us a lesson.” i need this class for my major (nursing) and have to make at least a b in it but i don’t know what i need to keep my grade at in order to have a b after everything is curved. we had our first exam last week and it was asking how we’d diagnose stuff. why are there clinical questions on our tests? was i supposed to be in an intro level class before taking this? this class literally has me ready to drop out and be a stay at home wife for a blue collar man
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2021.09.22 00:26 RushAny990 https://seekingalpha.com/article/4456412-groupon-asymmetric-investment-opportunity-significant-operating-leverage-upside

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2021.09.22 00:26 Mr-Comfy Ruby Mew glitch

Does anyone know if there are any glitches in pokemon ruby to obtain a mew? I know about the glitches that work specifically in emerald but I only have a copy of ruby and no amount of googling will yield anything not specific to emerald. I'm playing on a DS lite if that makes any difference
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2021.09.22 00:26 Toki26 Can you get eyebrow muscles?

If you are constantly moving your eyebrows up and down, can you get a large eyebrow muscle? Maybe like what you would imagine on a Neanderthal.
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2021.09.22 00:26 minimite1 Pokemon Shield - Mods are greyed out (unable to enable/disable them?)

Does anyone know why this is? Did I install them wrong?
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