Lost dog near Oxford Manor??

2021.09.22 01:26 shanyatorver Lost dog near Oxford Manor??

Did anyone lose their dog in/near Oxford Manor? I saw a really scared looking one about half an hour ago near building UU. I don’t know what breed he was, but he was pretty big, a light brown color, and was wearing a red collar. He started walking toward me, but ran away when a car drove by. Hope he finds his way home :(
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2021.09.22 01:26 COACHBIGPETE Deep Dish Football Game Of The Week 2021 Week 5 Lincoln Way East vs Bolingbrook Magic Number #1 200 #IHSA #DEEPDISHFOOTBALLGOTW

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2021.09.22 01:26 genshalene Resume or not? Answer lies in BCP

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2021.09.22 01:26 Dannig178 Amara la Negra

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2021.09.22 01:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows | Globe

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2021.09.22 01:26 IAmASteel DO YOU NEED THE BULLSHIT OR THE BULLFACTS/lyr here’s a funny aret of my smelly bastard of a character, DECODA!

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2021.09.22 01:26 jamslfc Recommendations On Pro/ Knowledge People To Watch?

Recently gotten into AoE, specially 4. Noticed there's a big comp scene for AoE 2.
Is there any pro players or any people that knows what's up that have made any content of AoE 4 to watch and learn from?
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2021.09.22 01:26 Outrageous-Bank-9225 HodlADA is launching at today 🚀 | JUST HAPPENED 1 MINUTES| 5% Cardano Rewards 💰| Dev Dox 💯 | Techrate Audit | Lp Lock 🔐

HodlADA Launch TODAY The Hodl Group of Companies consist of HodlBTC, HodlETH, HodlADA, HodlBNB and HodlBUSD. The coins were designed to give exceptional rewards for holding. The team is located in Canada, Germany and Vietnam. We are the only business in the BSC Network to provide rewards for all altcoins. We have eliminated the guesswork and fear of being rugged. This is 100% safe. With our community being the main focus, this company is committed to continuous development and growth.
🌐Website: https://hodlgroup.one
✅ Techrate Audit completed
🤑 8% Automatic Cardano REWARDS to all holders !
💯 Dev fully Doxxed
🔒 LP Locked At Launch
1,000,000,000 Total Supply
Buys are subject to 6% Total Tax
1% Marketing
3% Rewards
2% Liquidity
Sells are subject to 6% Total Tax
1% Rewards
3% Marketing
2% Liquidity
✅Team is fully doxxed. The team is always active on TG! Come learn more - Join the VC and ask questions!
CA: 0x1f0e83a84893889d6f74bad35430c018271cb706
Join the Hodl Group Family
🌐Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x1f0e83a84893889d6f74bad35430c018271cb706
🌐Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x1f0e83a84893889d6f74bad35430c018271cb706#readContract
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2021.09.22 01:26 JLBesq1981 New York Times: Trump campaign was aware attorneys' voting conspiracy theories were baseless, court documents show

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2021.09.22 01:26 wilfulmarlin Do I belong here?

Sick mechanical outplay.

Excellent micro by the Caitlyn
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2021.09.22 01:26 industriousness Gary Gensler: Cryptocurrencies Are 'Highly Speculative' Asset Class

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2021.09.22 01:26 SwolleyMammoth Cold feet and can't calm down

Hey advisees
Need help with a tiny problem. I'm 24M and have a lot of trouble making my own decisions. This has become such a significant issue that I rely heavily on friends for advice and opinions, so much so that people know longer want to be around me.
I've been trying to learn how to socialize and talk to people by interacting with strangers. But my mom (who I still live with) says I make people uncomfortable. I'm also burning myself out a lot by forcing these interactions, I can't relax.
I've been trying to get better around women too but it either feels awkward or I decommit from the conversation too early. IE: A girl asked to have sex w/ me at a bar and I got really scared of what my buddies thought/if I was being disrespectful. I waited for her to leave.
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2021.09.22 01:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Report: Births decline in pandemic may have turned corner | Globe

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2021.09.22 01:26 Kamui-2004 I want more.

I just beat the game, seen all the endings and I feel unfulfilled. I have already played everything arkane has to offer(aside from prey, is it good?) and deathloop has just been the most fun I have had with an arkane game before. Is playing as Juliana really worth it? Or should I just wait until Arkane releases another game for me to enjoy?
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2021.09.22 01:26 ChronicThraxSmokerz Cheapest Dispensary In The Valley For Bulk Full Gram Distillate Syringes?

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2021.09.22 01:26 x-TheMysticGoose-x Morning Earthquake

Did anyone just feel that Earthquake this morning? I'm on the 17th floor on Grenfell and it was very interesting to say the least. Aprox 8:45 AM
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2021.09.22 01:26 whatsmynameuh Are penises appreciated, fetishized, sexualised and normalised more than vaginas which is why transgender women and women with penises (ladyboys, etc) are fetishized more (and by straight men) than transgender men and men with vaginas are (by straight women and gay men)?

And how to accept that even straight men like penises? Meaning vaginas are much less appreciated as individual body parts than vaginas are and meaning straight women and gay men are much more exclusively attracted to and need penises sexually than straight men are exclusively attracted to and need vaginas sexually.
Are penises just more able to be liked by everyone? More default/normalised/casual/sexual? Is society penis obsessed like I have been told? (Sexually speaking, etc) and are vaginas taboo, more of an acquired taste and more replaceable/less vital?
How to feel sexually valuable while even straight men can bore of vaginas, seek alternatives like women with penises to tick off the bucketlist/for the novelty effect/taboo nature.
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2021.09.22 01:26 Sonewanna The best Puyo Soundtrack

I had always wonder what y'all think is the best Puyo Soundtrack and why? Being honest I have to pick the Puyo Vocal tracks even know it Japanese it really good only because the current Japanese voice actors sing the song for each character and being honest they all are great
(Also it can be from any Puyo game)
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2021.09.22 01:26 Avedgy 32m looking for someone to chat with. I'm from Southern California if that matters.

I'm into spooky stuff and a lot of music genres. Emo, Pop punk, alternative, and metal are my faves. Some house music as well and some lofi. Looking for someone to chat with while I'm not too busy. I dont mind your age just as long as you're cool and nice.
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2021.09.22 01:26 OrbSoundwerx [For Hire] [Paid] Composer of Pac-Man World 2 back in 2002, with more than 25 years of experience in the game industry

Hello everyone, I'm David Logan!
I'm the composer of the soundtrack for Pac-Man World 2, along many other titles. I have more than 25 years in the game industry and I'm looking for some new job opportunities.
I own a website where you can find a large array of tracks I've made:
Orb Soundwerx Website
Feel free to fill the form in the contact section of my website or send me a DM on Twitter:
Orb Soundwerx Twitter Profile
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2021.09.22 01:26 bumtheben Lady who truly loves the Colonel

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2021.09.22 01:26 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 01:26 Beetlesiri Short DD about why holding AMC long term may pay off the most.

The simple fact is that the longer it takes for MOASS to come means the more time Hedgies can keep shorting and digging their hole deeper. The only way to get out of that hole is to fill it with money and hope they have enough to finally crawl out of the hole at the end.
My main point applies to the United States. It is that if you hold your stocks long term you can then file it under long term capital gains tax then. That is going to potentially save even the poorest apes anywhere from 7%-17% of the money they have earned for the AMC they have held for at least a year.
Let's say you make 10 million off of AMC at MOASS. If you are paying short term capital gains without any sort of write offs you will be taxed at 37% federal and approximately 5%-7% for state. Except for a few states that feel entitled to robbing their citizens for more money to waste(California). That would be 42-44% tax overall so nearly half of the money you made by your own efforts and risk would go right back to the people who allowed the problem to begin with. With long term your taxes would be 20% for federal. So you would be taxed overall around 25%-27%. That means you would be saving around at least 1.7 million if you make around 10 million. Also if you are lucky your state may not charge any taxes on it. Consider yourself to be the lucky duck of the AMC community.
I don't know about you, but I can wait a few more months for MOASS if it saves me millions and punches the Hedgies and Government in their wallet even harder.
P.S. I did not include the 3.8% surtax on investments in the data just because it will be a flat rate on most apes here as long as their modified adjusted gross income exceedd 200,000. It is officially called the Unearned Income Medicare Contribution Tax to mislead people into thinking it actually goes straight to Medicare while it actually goes straight into the United States government's general fund. Those sneaky bastards of course did it right under everyone's noses by mislabeling their legislature to trick people and push it through.
Let's also hope they do not change the capital gains tax before MOASS. Or honestly at all. Currently the government is trying to increase capital gains tax which will take a good chunk of our gains away if they do. They take none of the risk and a lot of our reward.
This is my advice, but I am not a financial advisor. I am just bored and like doing in-depth research/planning.
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2021.09.22 01:26 NotAToxicCxnt [SUGGESTION] Looking for advice on a couple of pre-builts AUS

Just looking at getting an opinion on these 2 pre-built pcs if possible. I have around 5k to spend AUD and just wondering if i'm not getting ripped off on these and if they are worth the money. Both companies i've heard good things about but I don't really know a whole lot about PCs outside of playing games on them so hoping someone can give me a bit of advice.
Price is in AUD and our dollar is scuffed.
Thanks, much appreciated!
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2021.09.22 01:26 Jimbo_____slice Jedi apprentice

Is there anywhere I can buy the digital versions of the jedi apprentice books? I cant find them anywhere local and they're insane money online...
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